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Will I still have fun if I don’t drink?

Hell yeah!

One of the biggest barriers to going alcohol free is the belief that you need it to have fun… We can prove that’s cobblers. We love going wild and experiencing as much of life as possible. If you’re up for getting out and about, join us free spirits and get out there. Socials and retreats are open to anyone in our membership club. Join for £19 a month and come see for yourself 🙂

Hiking Social

We get out and about walking whenever we can. We meet up regularly for walks in the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Wales, Bonnie Scotland and elsewhere whenever we get the chance. Get in touch or follow us on social to find out more.

Supper Club Social

We like our food – cooking it, sharing it and most importantly eating it. Bring your signature dish and favorite anecdotes to one of our supper clubs, break bread and have a good natter.

Arts & Craft Social

Just like it says on this gorgeous Rob Ryan print, we love making stuff with our hands. From pottery, quilting to crochet we love making, drawing and painting stuff. Do you like knitting? Or decoupage? Come and have a go or join us for a gallery visit.

Wales Weekender

Dewch i aros gyda ni! Like riding bikes and swimming in waterfalls? Come for a break amongst the green hills and Tylwyth Teg.

Sri Lanka Retreat

Yes! Join us in Sri Lanka for the healing trip of a lifetime. Enjoy the amazing hospitality and beautiful smiles of the Sri Lankan people, spectacular food, awe inspiring landscapes and fantastic wildlife. And a good fat wedge of yoga and meditation thrown in!

Wild Swim Social

We love getting wet and wild! There’s nothing like a dip in our refreshing British waters to make you feel alive! We know some great spots if you fancy joining us for a dip. Lets get tingly!

Cacao Rave Social

Once in a while we like going out in the woods, setting up camp and having a good dance around the fire. Marshmallows and banging tunes included.

Yoga Workshops

We are massive believers in the somatic healing power of yoga. Come and join us for a workshop or get hooked up with some truly inspirational remote classes.

We’d love to welcome you on board…JOIN US!

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