Set yourself free

Getting stuck in the habit of drinking too much, too often is a common issue. Unfortunately, stigma around alcoholism prevent many people seeking help. Our aim at Free Spirits is to de-stigmatise drinking problems and make support more accessible, so people can find help

Like weight watchers but for drinking


If you’re looking for support to change your drinking habits, the Free Spirits Community could be just what you’re after…

For a small monthly fee, you get professional theraputic support from Asha and Ally, peer support, laughs and laughs from fellow free spirits, genuine heartfelt connection and bags of opportunities to learn, grow and have fun.

For £20 per month, you get:


  • Regular IRL meetups
  • Workshops & retreats
  • Personalised journal
  • Milestone celebrations


  • Weekly kundalini yoga
  • Weekly meditation class
  • Weekly sharing circles
  • Community


  • Email support
  • Helpful resources
  • Recipes and tips
  • News and offers

Invaluable support for the price of a bottle of plonk


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