Emma Snape
QTS, BSc Psychology (Hons)

Emma is a meditation teacher with X-HAIL and a wellbeing mentor.

Emma is passionate about helping others to find a practice that suits them and their
lifestyle, to understand what it means to have a meditation practice and dispelling
the myth that you have to be able to bend into lotus, sit with complete silence and
have a certain diet.

Emma Snape

Meditation is an excellent way to relax, re-centre and come ‘home’ to yourself. It’s awesome for your mental health and overall wellbeing. It is scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and is a life skill that once developed, can transform your level of overall happiness.

Meditate to modern music! It’s a workout for your soul and space for you to rest, relax and re-connect!

X-Hail Staffordshire North

Meditation develops your self awareness, allowing you to change your perspective, gain insight and develop a better understanding of your true wants and needs.

It helps regulate your emotions, improves sleep and lowers blood pressure. The added bonus is that all you need is yourself! With practise, you can do it anytime anywhere – you always have a safe place where you can go to find your calm.

Despite knowing the benefits, many people struggle to get into meditation, often believing they “can’t” or it’s “not for me” because they “think too much”.

This is where having an awesome teacher comes in! Emma will seemlessly guide your mind and body into a place where you can truly relax, let the the practice flow and your inner peace grow!

As a member of Free Spirits, you can access weekly guided meditations with Emma and build a solid foundation for your meditation practice.

Press the button for a sample of one of Emma’s sessions…

Or see Emma introduce her sessions in this taster video:

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