Kundalini Yoga

Louise has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, starting with Hatha. She has been sharing the sacred teachings of Kundalini Yoga since 2017. Read more about Louise’s journey here:


Louise Luiggi

Kundalini yoga – the yoga of awareness – is an extraordinary practice that can truly transform your life. With membership at Free Spirits, you can access weekly zoom classes with Louise – a wonderful and wise teacher, who will help you develop a deeply healing, regular practice.

This is a yoga of Awareness. It is dynamic, powerful and holistic, using all the tools of yoga to expand your
awareness of body, mind and soul.

Louise Luiggi

Want to reach a higher state of consciousness and tune into some powerful somatic healing? Then practicing Kundalini is for you.

Read more about the powers of Kundalini below:

Or watch Louise explain the basics in this introductory taster video:

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