FREE SPIRITS RECOVERY is a wellness community providing holistic coaching and counselling for people seeking accessible help to change their drinking habits.

Our Mission is to empower our clients to break free from self-destructive habits and live happy, fulfilled lives free of addiction.

Recover… Evolve… Thrive…

Through our community, coaching, counselling, meet ups and retreats we aim to:

  • Help clients break their negative habits
  • Work through underlying issues and change patterns of behaviour
  • Identify and re-frame unhelpful belief structures
  • Highlight strengths, build direction and plan for the future
  • Learn healthy coping mechanisms
  • Build authentic connections
  • Develop healthy routines and life style choices
  • Reconnect with self and work towards self-actualisation

Alison (Ally) Hollingshead

PgDip, BSc (Hons), MBACP

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Ally specialises in empowering people to believe in themselves, feel more resiliant and have more fulfilling relationships. Ally’s ambition is to instill self-belief in anyone she has the pleasure of working with. Ally works with people who may be affected by difficult life experiences, low mood, anxiety, hopelessness, loss, anger, low self-esteem, unhealthy relationships and other emotionally difficult situations. Ally works with people so that they can reach a place of clarity, self-compassion and fulfilment.

Read Ally’s story here

Asha Myers

MSc, BSc (Hons), CPRC, SRCD

Recovery Coach

Asha is a Family Recovery Worker and a She Recovers® certified Recovery Coach specialising in solutions based, early intervention recovery. Taking a holistic, whole life approach, Asha works collaboratively with clients, to create positive mindset change, remove obstacles and build actionable plans for the future. She is passionate about helping families and individuals find recovery and live a fuller, more rewarding life.

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Louise Luiggi

KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) 

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Louise specialises in Kundalini Yoga and is also a fully qualified Watsu Practitioner. After many years of following the path of years of conditioning – uni, career, marriage, wife & mother – all the traditional labels that had to be ticked in order to experience so-called success, Louise felt unconnected to herself. This changed when she fell upon Kundalini yoga and trained as a teacher. Louise is passionate about helping people self heal through the power of yoga.

You can access Louise’s classes as a member of our community

Find out more about Louise and Kundalini here:


Emma Snape

QTS, BSc Psychology (Hons)

X-HAIL Meditation Teacher and Wellbeing Mentor

Emma specialises in guided meditation and is also a mum of two and primary school teacher. Trying to juggle all the expectations of life: parent, professional, colleague, friend, daughter led Emma to search out ways to deal with the mounting stresses placed upon her by herself and from outside. Emma trained to teach pregnancy and postnatal yoga; supporting mums-to-be and new mums to enjoy a positive pregnancy and to work through those confusing times that motherhood brings. Wanting to support others outside of the perinatal period, led Emma to train in meditation. Emma is passionate about helping others to find a meditation practice that suits them and their lifestyle.

You can access guided meditation classes as a member of our community

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If you are physically dependent on alcohol you must seek advice from a medical professional. Withdrawal from alcohol can kill. If you are concerned about dependency and withdrawal you must contact your GP before stopping drinking.

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