Don’t ignore the signs

People usually have loads of ‘wake up’ calls that they choose to ignore. As drinkers, we’re well practiced at laughing things off as ‘just one of those crazy things that happen when you’re drunk’. But they add up. And get worse. Until you can’t really sweep them under carpet anymore. They might be small suchContinue reading “Don’t ignore the signs”

An alcoholic – to be or not to be?

The knowledge that ‘I definitely wasn’t an alcoholic’ kept me trapped in a negative binge drinking cycle for years. I would never drink in the morning (unless at a festival), always had at least three days off a week (unless on holiday), never drink at work (unless there was wine), hadn’t been done for drinkContinue reading “An alcoholic – to be or not to be?”

Dealing with the monotony of life

I used to think of drinking as exercising my demons – taking my shadow self out for a walk. I’d be working hard all week keeping all the shit together, being ‘good’ and felt pent up. I needed to release the pressure. A few glasses of vino, a few shots of tequila enough (and more)Continue reading “Dealing with the monotony of life”

Drinking always leads to dissatisfaction

I’d be having a nice Sunday, cooking dinner for the family. I’d have a few glasses of wine, then want more. I’d want more to drink, I’d want more people to come round. I’d want to smoke. I’d get all dissatisfied with my life thinking things were not fun enough. If friends were round, theyContinue reading “Drinking always leads to dissatisfaction”