25 reasons why sober life rocks

It’s worth the trek

What does a sober life feel like?

  1. Jumping out of bed with a smile on your face
  2. Clear skin, mind and conscience
  3. Feeling solid, confident and strong
  4. Greater awareness – 20×20 vision replaces tunnel vision
  5. Being on the same wave length as your kids
  6. Being able to look everyone in the eye
  7. Deep sense of spiritual peace and contentment
  8. Seeing profound beauty in ordinary things
  9. Feeling playful and childlike
  10. Being able to achieve dreams and goals
  11. No hiding or pretending
  12. Improved, deeper, more connected relationships with family
  13. Energy to burn through to-do lists
  14. Motivated and able to help others in a meaningful way
  15. Open to new people and new experiences
  16. Living in harmony with the world around you, more connected to nature
  17. Being comfortable with yourself and liking who you are
  18. More connected to yourself, knowing what you truly want and being able to get it
  19. Feeling tangible growth – making progress and building a beautiful life replaces endless groundhog days
  20. The black cloud diminishes (depression, anxiety and paranoia lifts leaving you feeling awesome, free and limitless)
  21. Finding joy and fun through fulfilling interests and hobbies
  22. Learning to live in gratitude, loving life in the now, not grasping for ‘more’, or thinking the grass is greener
  23. Total acceptance of who you are and where you are
  24. Fake pleasure is replaced with deep joy
  25. Looking after yourself and feeling at home in your body

The list could be limitless… Have you any suggestions?

Published by Free Spirits Recovery

FREE SPIRITS is a coaching and counselling service for people seeking accessible help with grey area problem drinking, compulsive behaviours and mental health issues.

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